Are you planning to use the dual WhatsApp accounts on your single phone? Do you wish to operate two different accounts of WhatsApp for work and your personal life? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to either of the above questions, then you are perfectly at the right place. While this messaging app has now become the crucial and important parts of our lives for the digital communication, the biggest goal of WhatsApp’s was to become the platform that mainly brings you quite close to the family and your friends, it is now a much popular channel for communication for your businesses and other organizations also.

On the other hand, many people do not like the fact that at any point of view they are in the between of the personal chat, someone from the office bugs for something only because they are online or in case they share their status, it even gets shared with the work friends. There may also be a different set of situations that are quite much similar to this where you require the dual WhatsApp accounts also when you are searching for the guide about ‘how you can use two accounts of WhatsApp on one single smartphone’, here is everything that you will wish to understand. This concept is quite easy and simple, as what you are going to do is using both these numbers with two versions of the installed WhatsApp at the same point of time on your device, and hence each of them is associated or related with one of the two cards.

When you are searching for the use of the dual WhatsApp accounts, various Android smartphones usually come with a feature called App cloning or even known as App twin. Usually, most of such smartphones are mainly from Chinese brands with some of the new smartphones from LG or Samsung. It is an exclusive feature that you require for using the dual WhatsApp on phone or some other app, but at the same time, you must even have the dual SIMs in the phone, also.

Dual WhatsApp – Tips to use the two WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone

– Step 1: You need to Install WhatsApp from the Google Play Store and also register the primary number

– Step 2: You already have the WhatsApp account which is running on the phone, you may skip step 1 and you may directly go to the settings of your phone.

– Step 3: You may navigate to the Dual App or the Clone app and the App Twin after this you may also tap on it.

– Step 4: You can now see the entire list of apps that may also be cloned; you may tap on the option of WhatsApp and then click on the install button.

– Step 5: You may also set up a second account for WhatsApp and open your secondary app.

– Step 6: After this, you may tap on Agree and then Continue when you allow WhatsApp to access the files and also contacts.

– Step 7: Now, you may also be asked for the purpose to register the contact number. All you need to remember is just add your secondary number after which you may also be able to run the dual account on WhatsApp on a single smartphone.

Dual WhatsApp

When your smartphone does not have the Dual App or the App twin and the Clone app, you may even download the app of third-party which is known as Parallel Space from the Google Play store to use generally two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone.

When you have got the dual-SIM phone, you may also use different kinds of the SIM cards for making the calls using the separate numbers, and after this, you may also send the texts with the help of different numbers. But do you understand that you may set up the account of dual WhatsApp, and use both of these on the same phone? When you ever wondered how you should install two accounts of WhatsApp on a single phone, then you are in the right place. Usually, there are some of the different ways to do it, and few of the phone-makers are also providing this as the built-in feature. For, some of the cases, you also will need to resort to some of the apps of third-party instead, but this is quite much pretty simple to run for the two WhatsApp accounts on a single Android phone. However, the iPhone users, you will be completely out of the luck devoid of resorting to the kind or the type of methods we will not suggest.

Certainly, this kind of the method for running two accounts of WhatsApp on a single phone need the phone with dual-SIM phone – At the same time, the WhatsApp uses phone number being your identity, as well as it also detects this through the SMS or call, hence, it also has to be the phone with two different SIM cards, that even out the iPhone. When you have the dual-SIM phone, the next and subsequent step is about checking off the settings, because this is also quite possible that the manufacturer already has created settings for the dual WhatsApp.

Various Chinese manufacturers permit you to create different kinds of clones of apps that may also be used with the setup of dual-SIM. The way every such company has set them up differ quite a little, so you will also wish to check any of the particular set of the information for the handset. Two icons get added to the home screen that permits you to manage two of the WhatsApp accounts with the two numbers very simple! Having the smartphone with dual SIM has their specific set of the perks but unluckily the users of such devices have to select just one single number to register the WhatsApp…till now! The developer on the XDA Developers forum is also resolved for issue for creating for application which allows using of two numbers at the same time on WhatsApp.